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Treats 5 Hectares

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SR3 Benefits

  • Improved crop quality and yield
  • Increased availability and uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus, and other nutrients
  • Improved root and shoot development through the production of phytohormones
  • Improved plant vigour for better disease resistance
  • Reduced reliance on synthetic nitrogen inputs
  • Builds biologically active soils


A range of liquid formulations of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria each tuned and tested for optimum performance in specific field crops. These bacteria are produced in sterile laboratory conditions under stringent QA control, each bacteria species in consortia is individually packed to ensure the product quality.

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and unlock soil-bound phosphorus and potassium as well as other nutrients. They also produce phytohormones to promote better root and shoot development. Beneficial bacteria work in synergy with AMF, which captures and transports nutrients to host plants. PGPR support a robust plant immune system for healthier crops.

PlantWorks’ research has shown that different species of PGPR give benefits to different plant types. The bacterial strains in SR3 have been specifically selected and formulated to give maximum benefit to each specific crop.


Suitable for application with standard spray equipment, including boom sprayers at a minimum of 200L of water per hectare. We recommend nozzle selection and low-pressure settings for coarse to medium spray quality and maximum soil coverage. Allow three days before or after applying ground or foliar nitrogen.

This product contains live microorganisms and is not suitable for tank fertiliser mixing. Although most pesticides do not affect bacteria, tank mixing should be avoided due to different spraying targets and settings (SR3 spraying the soil with coarse droplets before the rain).

Product size: 5-hectare treatment includes: 2 x 50ml sachets of bacterial inoculant, a 1L bottle of biostimulant, and a sachet of dechlorinating agent for water treatment.

Application time: spring, after first graze or cut.

Bacterial species supplied at an average of 108 CFU per ml.



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SDS Smart Rotations 3 Biostimulant

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