Plantworks, a leading innovator in biological solutions for agriculture, proudly announces the addition of two exceptional scientists to their team, Dr Claudia Natalie Tröger-Radu and Marina Lazzarini. Their expertise and knowledge will play a pivotal role in advancing Plantworks’ research and development efforts in the field of microbial biostimulant products for farming.

Dr. Claudia Tröger-Radu brings a wealth of experience to Plantworks, holding a PhD in the design, development, and evaluation of reactors for biological applications from Newcastle University, UK. Previous endeavours at Thermofisher Scientific, Abbot Diagnostics, and a Postdoc position at the University of Reading have equipped her with valuable insights into the industry. Claudia’s expertise in bioprocessing and bioreactor technology will enhance Plantworks’ methods of producing beneficial bacteria, leading to more efficient and scalable agricultural solutions, while her proficiency in reactor design and evaluation can optimise microbial bioostimulant production, ensuring accessible and attractive products for farmers. Claudia’s versatile skillset and industry experience enable her to approach challenges holistically, fostering market-responsive and eco-friendly products aligned with Plantworks’ mission. Her contributions are expected to play a pivotal role in advancing research on microbial bioostimulants for farming, supporting global food security and sustainable farming practices.

Marina Lazzarini is a young and determined scientist with a strong educational background, holding a a master’s degree in biotechnology and Bioengineering from the esteemed University of Kent. Her unwavering passion for agricultural innovation drives her to thrive in biotechnology, making valuable contributions through relentless curiosity and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Marina’s diverse research experiences include working as a Research Scientist at the University of Kent on a novel E. coli expression system for diagnostic antibody production and contributing to projects involving molecular markers and statistical analysis at other renowned institutions. Her expertise and enthusiasm make her a highly valuable asset to the Plantworks team in advancing sustainable agricultural solutions.

“We are thrilled to have Claudia and Marina join our team,” said Robert Patten, Managing Director at Plantworks. “Their extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in biotechnology and bioengineering will be instrumental in pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation and providing farmers with unparalleled solutions. We look forward to the contributions they will make in supporting sustainable farming practices”.

As Plantworks continues its commitment to driving positive change in agriculture, Claudia Tröger-Radu and Marina Lazzarini will play integral roles in developing groundbreaking bioinnovations that aim to boost crop productivity while minimizing environmental impact.